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Lincolnshire Arms Hotel, ESSENDON, VIC

Lincolnshire Arms Hotel
1 Keilor Rd
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+61 3 9374 1055
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The Lincolnshire Arms Hotel, or 'The Linc' as it is affectionately known, sits on the big roundabout where Mt Alexander, Bulla, Keilor and Lincoln Roads all meet right in the heart of the North Essendon Village. It's been a favoured eating, drinking and meeting spot for the residents of Melbourne's North West for many decades

'The Linc' has been recently redesigned and fully renovated. It is now a Hotel that offers a very comfortable environment to a far greater range of customers, while still maintaining that great "Pub Feel" for all those traditionalists out there.

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Reviews (1)

David Sarkies's picture
David Sarkies

A pub hidden away in Essendon

9 years 6 months ago

I found this pub when I was on my way to an engagement party one Saturday, though because I had to go to the party I couldn't suddenly change my plans and go inside. Mind you, when I left to go home a couple of friends asked me if I wanted a lift, to which I politely declined explaining that there was a pub that I discovered that I hadn't had a beer in as yet – being this pub.
Well, there isn't all that much that really stood out about this pub though – it is what you would expect from a suburban pub. There was a TAB, pokies, and a restaurant, as well as an outdoor area out the back, which was full of smokers (which doesn't make it a really enjoyable experience if you are not a smoker, and I would hesitate to call it a beer garden). The pub itself wasn't bad, but it is certainly not one that I would travel all the way out to Essendon just to visit.

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