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Vernon Arms Baldivis, BALDIVIS, WA

Vernon Arms Baldivis
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(08) 9524 2012
About Vernon Arms Baldivis: 

A true old English pub built in Western Australia with the largest range of imported beers.

Vernon Arms is more than just a pub, offering you the best of both worlds - a perfect spot to enjoy a quiet drink in the bar after work with colleagues and friends or indulge yourself to a fine dining experience in the restaurant or beer garden

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Comments (2)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I went recently with a group of friends. From the menu we ordered Chilli Mussels made from a scale of 1 - 10 from your request.... fantastic! They had a choice of two curries, a sweet beef or a thai chicken... on our table one of each was ordered and both were great. I would actually suggest them being hotter. Someone else ordered the risotto a new dish on their newly revamped menu.... value for money a plus, there was so much we couldnt eat it all. Unfortunately due to health regulations we were unable to take home a doggy bag. But the meals were great. We loved the place, staff were great and everyone there seemed to know everyone... A real homely pub, great atmosphere, very friendly and I would definitely go back.

Jill Hooper's picture

Jill Hooper (not verified)

We (8)had lunch today (Oct 18)at the above restaurant.
We had visited the restaurant once before and found the food excellent. I had a steak.

Something has gone wrong somewhere! We found the pricing of the food for what we received way over the top. As the steak price this time was about $28.00 we ordered other dishes. They were abysmal, except for the Fisherman's Basket which was quite good. Dried up chicken in two dishes and an overspiced Beef Korma in another were not enjoyed AT ALL. I remember the Korma was $19.00!! Second rate food and overpricing does not encourage patrons to return. What a waste of money.

We can't see this restaurant lasting long because unsatisfied customers do not return.

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