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Nungarin Hotel, NUNGARIN, WA

Nungarin Hotel
Lot 1 & 2 Railway Avenue
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+61 8 9046 5084
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About Nungarin Hotel: 

Federation Style Hotel, offering 14 rooms with communal bathroom facilities. There is also a lounge area with TV/DVD and games facilities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all served on premises.

The Hotel was built in 1928-29 to replace the old McCorry's Hotel, when the town centre altered after the railway came through. The name McCorry can still be seen on the gable, linking it with its predecessor. It is a fine example of a country hotel of its period with unusual timber framed verandahs and roof structure. Notable is the inclusion of a general store, still operating, on the ground floor at the north-eastern end of the building.

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