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Beadon Bay Hotel, ONSLOW, WA

Beadon Bay Hotel
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+61 8 9184 6002
+61 8 9184 6022
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About Beadon Bay Hotel: 

Located in the centre of town and close to the beach, this hotel is a very popular spot for socialising and also serves up reasonably priced counter meals.

Known for its resilience, the pub has survived several cyclones.

Beadon Bay Hotel offers traditional 'pub style' accommodation. Facilities include:

Budget accommodation.
Floor toilets and showers.
Air-conditioned rooms.

Beadonbay Hotel is open daily for lunch and dinner

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Comments (7)

Jessica Rubicon 's picture

Jessica Rubicon (not verified)

Hi all

Who is the manager of this place?

Chloe's picture

Chloe (not verified)

Hey everyone it would be a massive favour if someone know or could tell me who is currently managing this pub? Thanks heaps

Guy Brooks 's picture

Guy Brooks (not verified)

I agree Geoff what happend to the young girl with the blonde hair she was so lovely and kind very well presented and such a nice girl as well ;(

Geoff's picture

Geoff (not verified)

I went away for a holiday and the best manager ever - Ewen had gone. Now it's a 3 ring circus :(

Slim's picture

Slim (not verified)

I stayed there with my workmates and couldn't believe the change in the place this year. It used to be a sad, redneck type of pub but now the new management and team have really changed the place. It is like a home away from home

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

We went a long for dinner the young girl at the order counter was so rude we left with out ordering

Steve Kinser's picture

Steve Kinser (not verified)

My wife and I checked into the Beadon Bay Hotel and the staff were attentive and helpful. The Hotel is, I believe over 80 years old and it's great to see an old pub with character that hasn't been lost with development. While the rooms were simple, they were clean and the beer was cold. We were both very happy with the food at the restaurant with a great selection so we could try different things every night. We loved it and would recomend it to anyone. If you want to stay in the sheraton don't come to Onslow but if you appreciate old school pubs come check it out.

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