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Quokka Arms
1 Bedford Avenue
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Once a stately Colonial style mansion, the Quokka Arms (formerly the Rottnest Hotel) was the official summer residence for the Governors of Western Australia. Built in 1864, and recognised as one of the finest examples of mid-Victorian architecture remaining in Western Australia, it was originally named The Governor's Cottage to signify its junior rank to Government House on the mainland. The Governors usually spent up to two months each year on the Island, bringing over the butler, other servants and carriages. The last occupant was Sir Gerald Strickland, and the Island's stylish Vice-Regal days ended in 1912.

When the Rottnest Island Board of Control was established in 1917, the Governor's Cottage was converted to accommodation facilities for holiday-makers from the mainland. In 1953 the building was converted into the "Rottnest Hotel". The hotel was officially renamed the 'Quokka Arms' by Minister for Tourism, Mr Bob Kucera on October 2, 2004

You will find the Quokka Arms' rooms just perfect for a romantic getaway or family holiday. All rooms are fully serviced with private bathrooms, tea and coffee facilities and televisions. Hotel facilities include the Quokka Arms Pizzeria, the Quokka Arms Bar and Chargrill, Vlaminghs Restaurant and Captain Jack's Lounge Bar.

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Nicole's picture

Nicole (not verified)


I was wondering if there was any employment opportunities coming up, working behind the Bar?

Melissa Garrett's picture

Melissa Garrett (not verified)

We are planning a girls day lunch at your pub on the 29th of October 2011. We are hoping to have 50 to 60 guests. Is there any chance you would be able to do a set menu for lunch for our party??

If you could call me or email me to discuss I would really appreciate it.

Thanking you

0401 814 960

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