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Hummingbird Blonde Lager

Thu, 2010-02-04 10:32 -- bob
Hummingbird Blonde Lager

When I first tired the Hummingbird Blonde Lager, I wasn’t sure if it was a beer flavoured cruiser or a fruit flavoured beer?

Either way, I really am none the wiser.

I don’t know why it is in the beer section because I find it very hard to define as a beer.

Even to look at this drop from South Australia, you can’t believe it could be classed as a beer.

It looks like a cruiser, smells like a cruiser (you know one of those ready to drink soft drink/juice drinks and vodka) but doesn’t taste like one.

I believe this drink was designed for those who like the refreshing nature of beer but without the bitter taste.

Frankly, if that’s what you are after, you’d be better off with a radler-style beer or just add lemonade or lime cordial to your beer.

The Hummingbird looks like wine, very insipid for a beer and smells like a mix of beer and citrus juice.

At 4 percent, it is just above mid-strength beer and it claims to be naturally brewed.

The stubbies are only 275ml and at around $15 per six pack, they don’t even represent good value for money when compared to ‘proper’ beers on the market.

This may be a clever marketing ploy to lure female drinkers into the beer market but really girls, if you are going to go for a beer, go for a ‘really’ one and not some nancy hybrid mix.


I could be nasty and let you know what my tip is but this may appeal to those who are looking for something light across the palate which doesn’t sit heavily in the gut.

Serve it up very cold and make sure you’re thirsty.

There’s no real dominant flavour – you may be able to discern some beer qualities in this and I suspect it will be popular among the ‘city sect’.
I don’t think it’s going to be a big hit in any front bar of pub (at least not any I go to!) Try it and make up your own mind.

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