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Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

Sat, 2015-02-14 06:57 -- bob
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

IT PROVED to be a case of mistaken identity when I grabbed a six pack of Kronenbourg 1664 at my local, I thought I was getting some of the premium French lager I was familiar with.

I should have read the label more closely because what I had picked up was the 1664 Blanc – a wheat beer with a difference. For a start, this wasn't my idea of a wheat beer. It has a citrus nose and if there is any suggestion of wheat, it is hard to find.

Pouring out of its unique blue bottle, 1664 Blanc has a clean, clear golden appearance and a solid white head.

The first thing you notice is its flavour, definitely a citrus presence but that is also complimented by a subtle use of spices which combines to make it slightly sweet and all this is built on a wheat beer foundation which comes through in the aftertaste.

It is crisp and cleansing across the palate, delivering plenty of flavour with a lingering bitterness which isn't overpowering. This Blanc is very easy to drink but don't be fooled as it is a full-strength beer at 5 per cent. That said, it doesn't sit heavily on the gut, has great sessionability and is a real thirst quencher.

This would go very well with spicy food such as Mexican, curries or a decent spicy sausage.

For those who don't mind "infused" beers or those who don't like an overpowering beer taste, this will have plenty of appeal.

Another cool thing is that the stubbie becomes bluer, the more you drink out of it - it makes an attractive empty bottle! However if you enjoy a robust wheat beer which offers a more 'grainy' flavour – you'll find this not to your liking.

MY TIP: Serve nice and cold and I prefer to down this straight out of the elegant stubbie. It's very reasonably priced at the moment at $15 per 330ml six pack from Local Liquor outlets. Sante!

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