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The Purple Pub, NORMANTON, QLD

The Purple Pub
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Officially known as the National Hotel, the Purple Pub was established in the early 1900s. The west wing was previously the Exchange Hotel in Croydon and was relocated here. Originally painted a light mauve in 1968, then a few shades darker in 1975, it gained its current purple in 1979, and now attracts tourists from all over. It’s one of the most photographed buildings in town.

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Comments (9)

traveling fam's picture

traveling fam (not verified)

Well for an iconic pub what a dissapointment the food was, kids chicken and chips came out raw but the batter was over cooked, the purple pie was a let down looking like an everyday pie without the said mash and peas, then the lasagne came out tasting like cardboard with extras like hair! Such a let down needless to say we got our money back and walked, to say we were disapointed was an understatement, hope no one else has the drama we had, so sad as it could be so good for travellers like us!

Tricia Patterson's picture

Tricia Patterson (not verified)

I am trying to find out if my ancestors owned your hotel in Normanton in the late 1800's their name was Thomas & Margaret Hayes, if not would you be able give me a contact that does ancestry up there if there is anyone, your help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Tricia Patterson

Ian's picture

Ian (not verified)

The purple pub used to be great, dont know what has happened in the last few months? Change of management or something? Meals and service was great, now its just another standard pub. What a shame.

Chris Osborn's picture

Chris Osborn (not verified)

Was up there in the 80s with First Bn RAR working out of and around Escott and Armreignal station (think I have the spelling wrong) ask the Publican about the book matches that caused quite a stir with the powers to be. Had a picture of a local Lass on the cover, i seem to remember the text read NGJA or something similar, would probably be a collectors item these days.

WaratahLocal's picture

WaratahLocal (not verified)

Check out the Royal Inn, Waratah NSW.

Purple for at least the last 20 years.

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

Fond memories of the 'Purple Pub'. Quite unique, and worth the drive. Have a look at Karumba too.

Mollyandburt's picture

Mollyandburt (not verified)

The accomodation is motel style to the rear. The tarrif is reasonable and the accomodation is satisfactory and airconditioned. The pub itself retains the character you would expect. The locals are very friendly. The meals were good with a home cooked feel. Service is friendly and mine host went out of her way to be helpful.

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