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Carrier Arms Hotel, WODONGA, VIC

Carrier Arms Hotel
Cnr Church & South Sts
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02 60242060
02 60563591
About Carrier Arms Hotel: 


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Comments (6)

Col's picture

Col (not verified)

Had a beautifull steak and veg meal, washed down with 2 pots, very happy with all aspects of the service and meals.

Local boy's picture

Local boy (not verified)

Had another nice meal here,that stone grill is grouse!!!Cheers Carriers.

Anastasia Griffin's picture

Anastasia Griffin (not verified)

Interesting coments, me and a few gals found this place to be really nice and had a great time on friday night at the there

bad ass mother fucker's picture

bad ass mother ... (not verified)

WEll my experience of this hotel was fine in all ways the bar staff were fantastic,meals sensational and the best beer in town was served promptly and happily.It sounds to me Sonja that with your attitude and comments that you would be more suited to McDonalds so try that next time dear.bamf

Sonja's picture

Sonja (not verified)

Would not recommend this place to eat at. It took about an hour and a quarter for the meals to arrive. Yes we where a table of twelve and there was three other small tables of two people and one table of six who where eating when we where ordering. When I asked to chew someones ear - the lady was very poliet about what I said - then the glaring thug arrived on the scene. Crumbed mushrooms - my meal, someone had to get up and ask about where it was - the eleven others where eating. Chilldren should not have to wait that long for their evening meals. Yes the did spit an apology between clenched teeth, making me crankier. I worked in hospitality for ten years and if you treat your customers like this - you cannot expect them to return. Then offered us drinks because of the wait for our meals. Three wanted cappucinos and where told they where made more like lattes, the coffee was slopped all over the saucers which in turn drenched the sugar satchels. The glaring thug hovered in the background. Not sure if he was waiting to grow some balls and sooth the beast. Surely if someone had the forethinking to advise the table that the meals where going to be delayed the situation would not have been as bad. The meals where fresh but definately not worth the wait. I feel sorry for the staff having to deal with the situation when I had made it obvious as did others that they delay was not acceptable. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!

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