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Golden Dog Hotel, GLENREAGH, NSW

Golden Dog Hotel
Coramba Street
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02) 6649 2002
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Australian bush family pub, approx 30 minutes drive from Coffs Harbour.
The Golden Dog Hotel is steeped in history and is a wonderful welcoming place to pull up a stool and sink a cold beer. Our Bistro is open daily for Lunch 12-2pm, Tuesday is Pizza Night and Wed-Sun for Dinner. The Golden Dog is a warm welcoming family pub..

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Comments (7)

John O'Gorman's picture

John O'Gorman (not verified)

Hi Deanie
I write a weekly column in the Saturday Advocate.
This one is for you guys.
Cheers John

Care Actually 9 – 15.12.12

There’s a brass plaque atop the door of every hotel in our city which display two things, the name of the pub and the licensee.
Stop and read them and the names probably only resemble remotely what and who you refer to as your ‘local’ and the boss.
The Dog, The Fed, The Coffs, The Planto, The Fitz, The Hoey - Wazza, Baz, HB, Marty, Deanie, Punter. These are the names we know and for good reason.
Cross his threshold you are the responsibility of – let’s use Baz. You are now in Baz’s care. Leaving legal responsibilities (which are a given) aside he takes his task as carer very seriously but with great humour and respect.
Often if you’re not quick with a ‘hello Baz’ he’ll beat you to it. “G’day Johnno. What’ll ya’ have?” (Darn, got me – hand in the wallet already!!)
Baz feeds, waters and entertains hundreds of patrons every day and still he remembers your name. How does he do that?
He’ll let you shout, sing, swear (a little bit) and laugh and more often than not be standing next to you doing the same.
If you happen to be reading this at the pub, look around. He’s there isn’t he?
The sanctity of the Front Bar is a great place for many. Get whatever it is off your chest in total confidence amongst the din. Just having Baz’s ear is often the perfect remedy.
Despite 16 hour days and the 364 day years (don’t use the ‘leap year’ word in front of Baz!) your host always retains a sense of humour.
I was in a pub out west and the licensee’s christened name was Harley – true story. Milking this fact for all it was worth he had a genuine “Fat Boy” suspended from the ceiling in the main bar. As far as I know it never fell down but there was always plenty of spare seating beneath that particular ton of metal!
Slim Dusty sang ‘..there’s nothing so..drear..da da da than a pub with no beer’.
Quite right and equally so for ‘a pub with no Baz’!
Cheers Guys
(trust me I’m a carer)

Maggie Johnston's picture

Maggie Johnston (not verified)

I have been invited to a surprise 90th birthday party at your pub and my husband and I require accommodation for the 10th of April 2012.Could you please reply with rates for accommodation. If your accommodation has not yet been finished would you please recommend some where to stay. My friend lives at Toormina so a pub or hotel/motel would be appreciated. Thanking you Maggie Johnston
Ballina NSW

Mary's picture

Mary (not verified)

A small party of us lunched at this hotel during the December break. We all agreed how great it was. Good pub food, reasonable prices, drinks cold, prompt, friendly, courteous service. We sat out the back and enjoyed the peaceful view and the beautiful breeze. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing afternoon. We've recommended it to everyone we know living or travelling to that area.
Great to encounter a place with good old fashion ideals.


Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

What an eyesore the front of the pub has become ! Gone are the beautiful trees and glorious country feel that kept us returning every second weekend to be replace by a Dog?llama? cross something Shame

Pete's picture

Pete (not verified)

We went to the Golden Dog Hotel for a counter lunch (group of about 10 of us) - excellent value for money. Food is very good standard for pub grub. We go reasonably often as our daughter lives nearby at Nana Glen. Cannot recommend highly enough. Pete

Christine's picture

Christine (not verified)

Hi , I hear you have accommodation. Do you have any rooms where we can bring our dog with us - she is only a tiny short-haired very clean and house trained dog - we have no intentions of bringing her into the pub but we are visiting the area for two nights and are looking for dog friendly accommodation - cheers Christine !

admin's picture


Hi Christine
After contacting the hotel we where advised that they do not have any accommodation at all as rooms are being renovated and won't be ready until early 2012.

Cheers Admin

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