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Mt Kembla Hotel, MOUNT KEMBLA, NSW

Mt Kembla Hotel
274 Cordeaux Road
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About Mt Kembla Hotel: 

This two storey building was built in 1887. It is constructed of weatherboard with a corrugated iron roof, and a timber front upstairs verandah. It was a meeting place for the miners of Mount Kembla for many years.
In 1924 the Tooth's company purchased the hotel from its original owner, Mr O'Halloran, the village's first publican.
The hotel was acquired in October 2007 by the Blackburn's and is a family run hotel. It has recently been refurbished with further plans for the future.
At the Mt Kembla Hotel we offer Modern Australian Cuisine and the best beer in the Illawarra. The crisp, clean taste of the beer is due to the close proximity from the cellar to the customer. From its friendly locals, to quality entertainment offered on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, we trust your drinks, dining and entertainment will be a fun and pleasurable experience.

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Comments (4)

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Anonymous (not verified)

had the most horrible experience. Staff not helpful, management need a lesson on customer service.

steve's picture

steve (not verified)

Could I please have a copy of your menu and weekend opening times (to eat) please?


johnny's picture

johnny (not verified)

hi - great looking pub - do you have accommodation? Cheers

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No unfortunately no accommodation available at the hotel.
Many thanks

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