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Commercial Hotel, BOWNING, NSW

Commercial Hotel
Leake & Montem Streets
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About Commercial Hotel: 

Located in the village of Bowning, 15 minutes north west of Yass, sits an historic hotel with accommodation, restaurant, gaming, games room, open fireplaces and a lovely beer garden.

All rooms have access to the Verandah where you can sit back and appreciate the views of the valley.

This is a family run hotel and children are welcome. No smoking indoors. Fuel, art and craft galleries and Alpacca farms all nearby.

Poets Henry Lawson and
Banjo Paterson used to drink here.

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Reviews (1)

Phillip Baron's picture
Phillip Baron

Accommodation NOT available - Website needs updating

6 years 9 months ago

Phoned Commercial Hotel today 5 Sept 2013 a very abrupt and unhelpful publican informed us there is NO accommodation at this establishment.


Comments (2)

Erika Jackson's picture

Erika Jackson (not verified)

My friend Bruce and I are constant visitors to the Pub. We love the food its great!!!
Erika and Bruce.

Kate's picture

Kate (not verified)

The hotel restaurant is great. We've eaten there a few times, and it's always been good value. The quality of the food and presentation is well above average for a country hotel. The restaurant is really a nice place for an evening out.

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