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Silverton Hotel, SILVERTON, NSW

Silverton Hotel
Layard Street
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About Silverton Hotel: 

The Silverton Hotel is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the town.
After all, it's not every outback pub that can say Mad Max's car is parked out the front.
It's a unique institution.
Sitting in the centre of Silverton, the pub has maintained its laid-back country lifestyle even as it has flourished into one of the most filmed and photographed Hotels in the country.
The pub offers accommodation in the form of four cabins equipped with ensuites.
More importantly, 15 ice-cold beers are available, as are light lunches, and the beer garden caters for groups both large and small.
Publicans Chris Fraser and Joanne Casey are always happy to share a drink with visitors and send them off with a souvenir of the region.
The Hotel's four cabins sleep five. Accommodation costs $33 per night per single, $44 per double, $7.70 per extra adult and $5.50 per child.
Linen is available for hire.

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Comments (1)

Ross Berry's picture

Ross Berry (not verified)

1st visited town when I was on "L" plates as a 17 yo from Apollo Bay Vic. probably about September 1973/1974.
The jail gave me the shivers. Penrose Park seemed to be in reasonable condition, there was plenty of green grass, the birds looked to be cared for. Didn't get into the pub.

Visited town again in July 1977 on way back from White Cliffs. The exercise yard in the jail still gave me the "heebie geebies". Worse than all the times I've been into the Old Melbourne jail.

Came back Oct. 1993 again on the way back from White Cliffs. Pub was fascinating. Will never get too old to remember the 4x ads on telly. Wish I'd had more to just chill out for a few hours. Was a shame to see Penrose Park looking pretty much run down.

I'd love to go the pub on a Sat. night; reckon it would be great.

Good health to all those who visit Silverton.
Ross Berry.

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