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Oxford Tavern, WOLLONGONG, NSW

Oxford Tavern
47 Crown Street
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About Oxford Tavern: 

The Oxford Tavern has Wollongong's longest running live music venue, with live music 4 nights a week. The Hotel is also incorporates Seasons Bistro, Oxford Fine Wines and has full TAB facilities.

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Comments (1)

changelingfromOZ's picture

changelingfromOZ (not verified)

I have very good memories of the OT in Wolly. Got to see a coupla bands plsay there with my Italian GF 3 years ago....she wasliterally blown away by this place and told me we must go back there when I come back home (soon I hope!!!:))
I'd like to notify you of a U.S. all-girl punk/garage band called The Tuts who'd love to play at the OT. I can provide linx and everything if you wanna!!:):)


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