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Grand Hotel, CHILDERS, QLD

Grand Hotel
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(07) 4126 1763
About Grand Hotel: 

Located on the main street of beautiful Childers, Queensland, the Grand Hotel offers you food, entertainment and accommodation
in our historic building.

• TAB, Keno and Pokies
• Bistro, public bar and beer garden


• Drive thru bottleshop with in-car service and mobile EFTPOS

*Over 150 varieties of wine for the budget-conscious to the connoisseur

*Local and imported beers
• Accommodation

We’re friendly, we have a great atmosphere, and we’ve got everything you need for a great time so come into the Grand soon!

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Reviews (1)

NKP's picture

Don't Rely on a Phone Booking/Price Quote for Accommodation!

1 month 2 weeks ago

Don't Rely on a Phone Booking/Price Quote for Accommodation!
I was on my way up to Gladstone to see my son and as I usually do , I booked a stay at a local pub as a single traveller and to support independent QHA hotels/members as we are. I booked a single room with a young lady-Emma on Friday afternoon 23rd July (spoke to here twice at 2.31 and 2.44pm based on phone log) for Sunday, 25th July coming in in the afternoon and was my booking was accepted and I was quoted $60 which I also accepted.

When I arrived Sunday about 2pm I realized the Childers Festival was on and the highway closed etc. and I eventually made my way through back streets and parked and went to side door counter at the bar (near to stairs) inside your hotel.

Here my booking was found and confirmed but I was informed that the price as now $100 take it or leave it….and as I was a stranger to town/first time there and had nothing else booked on a Sunday afternoon, I had to accept and pay the amount asked.

I was in Room 9, a small, very modest single room with 1 bed and I felt a bit ripped off to be honest that evening and in the morning when leaving, as I honestly believe it’s wrong and unethical for the business and one of your staff members to take a booking in good faith 2 days earlier and then and then not honour the room price as quoted and agreed when the person has little other choice.

In my view a good faith, verbal contract with a customer is just as binding as a written one and this is the way we certainly work in our business.

Don't Rely on a Phone Booking/Price Quote for Accommodation! - review image 1

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