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Mount Mary Hotel
North Terrace
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About Mount Mary Hotel: 

Only ¾ of an hour from the beautiful Barossa Valley, the small town of Mount Mary rests in saltbush & desert country out past the Goyder Line. The country-side is packed with wildlife in its natural habitat, with kangaroos, emus, wombats & wedge-tailed eagles a common sight.

The Historic Mount Mary Hotel was established in 1894, in what was once a thriving town. Now only the hotel remains. The Hotel is packed with memorabilia from by-gone days & now acts as a living museum.

Fantastic for overseas visitors, bring the kids or just escape the rat race. Peace & tranquillity reign supreme.

We offer fantastic country atmosphere, hospitality & service, with quality dining available from Thursday through Sunday Lunch

Lunch 12-2pm
Dinner 6-8pm

Bookings Appreciated & Often Essential.

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Comments (22)

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

This reply shows the true character of Annie and Swanny and considering we offered to pay for 10 people(6 of us turned up) it is a toally cantankerous reply

The listed comment is not quite factual. The hotel guest/s who have listed this complaint have left out some rather important details. Yes, they were booked in to our hotel on the 5th of October (a long weekend Sunday, our busiest long weekend of the year, I might add!). But...
The said party of 10 people were booked in at 12.30 for lunch.
When they arrived at 1.15pm, with only 5 people, we were somewhat annoyed and I believe, understandably so.
We are a very small hotel & we specialise in dining, we don't turn over tables, so once you have a table, it's yours for as long as you like.
Now for us to seat 10 people we need to set a whole dining room, which we did, for those who had booked. By the time they had arrived with 5 people (as we kindly held their table for them), we had turned away a table of 12, as it was our belief we didn't have room, so that we could give our original booking priority.
The listed comment is unfair as we provided a table, at a set time for their booking, and they failed in fact, to meet their obligations. How about a simple phone call to inform us of their reduced numbers? That to us would have been a small courtesy on their behalf on such a busy weekend, then there would have been no problem.

Mr and Mrs Wilson.'s picture

Mr and Mrs Wilson. (not verified)

Have passed through Mt Mary on a few occasions looking for a meal and a few beers. (as advertised and promoted on the tv show postcards). First occasion there was one table of people sitting down and eating there meals, the time was 6.30pm. We then asked for a meal and was told they were booked out and they would not provide us with a meal. We waited out of interest for the other tables/bookings to arrive and sure enough, not one more person entered the premises. Of course we were not one bit happy and left. We called back through there on the long weekend aSwanny' said we do not do meals on Sunday, (we couldnt even get a toasted sanga). Correct me if i am wrong but dont you have to by law supply a meal when serving alcohol to be a ' responsible publican'. His rudeness about this was very offensive. My family and friends will never go back. Shame on You Swanny!


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