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Lake Bolac Hotel, LAKE BOLAC, VIC

Lake Bolac Hotel
Glenelg Hwy
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03 53502303
About Lake Bolac Hotel: 

The Lake Bolac area was inhabited by the Bulugbara Aboriginal people prior to European settlement.

The town of Lake Bolac, situated beside the 1460 hectare lake of the same name, developed in the 1860s and 1870s to include a number of bluestone buildings which remain in the town today. The Lake Bolac Hotel, which dates from 1862, is one of these buildings.

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Comments (3)

lea's picture

lea (not verified)

The people and the food are fantastic. Well worth a stop and have a meal. The accommodation is minimal but very clean and cosy. Thanks for the stay.

John , Pari and Amir's picture

John , Pari and Amir (not verified)

Could not agree less with the previous comment. We were travelling from SA on a family holiday. Left Apollo Bay that AM and were looking for lunch. The best steak sandwich we have found. We dined in all the fancy places from Robe to Port Fairy to Apollo Bay to Halls Gap. Basic pub fare, friendly service,however our short stop at this pub was a highlight. If you are a traveller passing through, stop and enjoy.

Dan Hogan's picture

Dan Hogan (not verified)

Very dissappointed with this pub. Went there new years eve with my old man his partner my brother and 2 kids under 6. Took over 1 and a half ours to get food even after asking 3 times just for the kids fish and chips.Had to leave and take kids home for bacon and eggs.Took me 10 minutes to cook bacon and eggs i am sure fish and chips takes less.The most annoying part is the old man lives in this town and we got there at 7 before it got busy.Wouldnt go back there if u paid me, will buy grog at local store rather than give them my cash.Hope others have a better experience.

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