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Pirron Yallock Hotel, PIRRON YALLOCK, VIC

Pirron Yallock Hotel
Princes Hwy
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03 52351211
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About Pirron Yallock Hotel: 

Pirron Yallock is a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ type of place. Driving down the Princes Highway between Colac and Camperdown in south-west Victoria, travellers find themselves in Pirron, as it is known locally, just by turning a corner. The bright pink exterior of the Mamre Hotel is an obvious standout.
It could be said that the Mamre holds Pirron Yallock together. With only a cluster of houses, a church and motorcycle wreckers, there’s not much else in the township. But even on a Monday night the stools in the front bar are all occupied.

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Comments (5)

Noeleen's picture

Noeleen (not verified)

I have been researching my family and found my fathers Uncle Clifford Ainley owned the hotel in the 1940's, he had bought the Hotal when he had won 1st prize in Tattersals, He died at the age of 39 years i am guess after the death of him in 1947 his wife would have sold up

Reg Brown's picture

Reg Brown (not verified)

I have been researching my family and found my great grand mother Alice Chapman nee Clark was the licencee for the hotel with her second husband William Chapman from 1930 to 1943, i have a number of documents and photos for the hotel, would be happy to share if any person requires them.
Reg Brown

Anonymous's picture

Anonymous (not verified)

I'm sure Finny would love any documents or pics you have of the Mamre, give him a ring or you could contact him through facebook... His name is Shannon Finn..

Jason Hill's picture

Jason Hill (not verified)

I have many fond memories of the Manre hotel in Pirron Yallock, from drinking there as a slightly under age to having drinks there with friends before i left the area to jion the Army.
Whats with the stree view?? it might have been a few years since my last trip there but the main road was never a dirt track!!!

Anon's picture

Anon (not verified)

The "dirt track" in the picture is the carpark/drive through bottle-o you dill!

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