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Royal Hotel Rainbow, RAINBOW, VIC

Royal Hotel Rainbow - image 1
54 Federal St
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03 5395 1477
03 5395 1463
About Royal Hotel Rainbow: 

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Comments (7)

Rolynda Dingle (nee Dufty)'s picture

Rolynda Dingle ... (not verified)

Hello, Just caught up with this page. I was born in Thames 1945. My grandfather, John Henry Dufty had five brothers, one of whom was Samuel. My grandfather was a horse owner and trainer at Parawai. We lived in Heale Street Thames where he had stables. I know this is not relevant to your Rainbow background but thought it might bring in some information. My grandfather had a nephew Craddock Dufty. My grandfather was a rugby union player and his nephew Craddock was a rugby league player. My grandfather was selected for the All Blacks and Craddock played international rugby league. I am sure we are connected. Good luck in your quest. I now live in Adelaide South Australia. Cheers.

jim dufty's picture

jim dufty (not verified)

Hi my name is Jim Dufty. My father was Tasman James Dufty he was the son of John Henry Dufty from Thames.Have you got a facebook account or your hotmail so we can talk.

Rolynda Dingle (nee Dufty)'s picture

Rolynda Dingle ... (not verified)

Hi Jim. Your grandfather John Henry Dufty was my grandfather's nephew. Your grandfather's nickname was Buller. As you know, he also trained race horses. He was the son of William Dufty who had the nickname, Billy Goon! I have a faint memory of your father. I do not have a facebook account. My email address is if you would like to make contact. I have fond memories as a child going out to Parawai to Buller and Annies for parties. Sometimes we went to Billie Goons too. I am 67 this year. Until a year or two ago I corresponded with John Fryer who was Vera's son. He is in a rest home at Tauranga but I have not heard from him for a while now. Do you have any contact with any of the Duftys in NZ? We have lived in Adelaide since 1980. Only came with a view to staying 2 years!! Have to say, getting a bit homesick now but don't think I could cope with the cold back there. Cheers for now. Rolynda

Tamara Brown nee DUFTY's picture

Tamara Brown ne... (not verified)

I am looking for the hotel where my branch of the family originated!
My grandmother, Minnie Smith, from Frankston, Vic. went to work for a relative who owned one of the hotels in Rainbow. I don't know who the relative was, but the approximate year would have to be about 1912. While working in the hotel she met a young man from Thames, New Zealand whose name was Samuel Craddock Dufty. He was a jockey and looked after horses at the hotel. They married and my father, Samuel John Craddock Dufty was born in Rainbow in 1914. I wondered whether this was the hotel. Would somebody kindly be able to let me know whether the Royal Hotel in Rainbow existed then? Or whether anyone in Rainbow today has heard of the DUFTY family.
Thank you,
Tamara (Dufty) Brown, Dallas, Texas, USA

cliff's picture

cliff (not verified)

Hello. i am related to samual dufty. my great grandmother was his sister... they were norn in rainbow

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