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Broad Arrow Tavern, BROAD ARROW, WA

Broad Arrow Tavern
492 Railway Street
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08-9024 2058
About Broad Arrow Tavern: 

Broad Arrow is part of many 'Ghost Town' tours in the Kalgoorlie area. A large amount of gold came out of Broad Arrow and word has it that you can still find gold today. The town once boasted 15,000 residents, eight pubs, two breweries and a soft drink factory.

The Broad Arrow Tavern built in 1896 is a historic stop-off point. Food and accommodation is available at the tavern

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Comments (7)

Mandy Kruhse's picture

Mandy Kruhse (not verified)

The Broadie is my favorite pub. I just love going to The Broad Arrow Tavern. My partner & I just got married there & we had a wonderful ceremony. I ride out there sometimes for lunch & a beer. On occassions my partner & I go out for a broadie burger & a beer. The food is awesome & the drinks are icie cold. The staff are friendly & the service is awesome! Thank you guys!

Dale Halliday's picture

Dale Halliday (not verified)

I really enjoyed my time at the Tavern, good food, very clean; and of course I enjoyed the beer!

Neil B's picture

Neil B (not verified)

For such a great pub, how come the kitchen closes at 6 PM? How come the pub closes at 6.30? Sounds to me like a great pub to keep away from...

Vickie's picture

Vickie (not verified)

Stay away for all I care . Why would we stay open for the odd stray possible like you when there is nobody else around. We are 40 Kim's out of kalgoorlie and if you hadnt noticed there is only two house and the pub . Nobody wants to get done for drink driving or possibly hit any kangaroos or cattle on the highway. So you stay away if that what you think about the place. The cost of keeping the pub open, ie staff, power makes it ridiculous for the odd person passing thru. I don't know about you but a $4 beer don't pay the bills. We are open Monday to Friday 11.30to 6.30pm sat and Sunday 11am to 6.30pm.

First, like to say my friend from Switzerland and my model and myself visited the place a while ago on a 10 day discover the southwest of WA. the weather turned back down south so we headed a bit north and ended up in Kalgoorlie. Stumbled onto this place and had the best time, great service, food and so we asked the manager/owner if we could do some of our book project in their establish and they were all to happy for us to do it and the results are fantastic...

Sandy's picture

Sandy (not verified)

I travelled from Canada to visit the Broad Arrow Tavern. It is an intersting place to see and visit.. loved the birds in the trees outback and the cool beer.. When visiting don't forget to sign your name on the wall!

Enjoyed my time there!!

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