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The Great Britain Hotel, RICHMOND, VIC

The Great Britain Hotel
447 Church St
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03 94295066
About The Great Britain Hotel: 

The Great Britain Hotel, or 'GB' as it is more affectionately known, is a beautiful pub that has been living in Richmond for many a year. It's history is one of many tales. Some are still amazed how they came out alive! These days it is just a great friendly place to hang your hat and have a few drinks with friends.

The GB has been an keen supporter of live Melbourne music for decades, and we see no reason to stop hosting original bands 3 nights a week. As for nibbles, we order in delicious Pizzas and Thai food from neighbouring restaurants.

Couches you could sink into for days, a big floral beer garden, a cosy fireplace to curl up to, pool table and a pinnie to get your game on, 15 Australian brews on tap (no Carlton), and at the heart, kind lovable bar staff. Any night of the week, the GB is the place.

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merearihi devon's picture

merearihi devon (not verified)

heyy guyz i was wondering if i left my purple phone there last night ??? itz a fliptop,,,if so plz email me so i can pick it up....cheers mate :D

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