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Here's To Beers with Bob AnthonyBob Anthony, columnist and home brewer

I'm a beer columnist and home brewer. Here I cover everything to do with one of the most popular and discussed beverages in the world.

Cheers! Bob

Murray's Whale Ale

Wed, 2014-01-08 18:27 -- bob
Murray's Whale Ale

FISHING around for interesting brews as you tend to do, I was drawn to Murray’s Whale Ale because it was described as an American wheat beer.

This presents an intrigue combination – bringing together a wheat beer with the use of typical American hops to deliver a floral drop with good body.

To me, the Murray’s range always presents something different and interesting and this is no exception.

It has a slight cloudiness with a dark gold appearance and a good head which lingers.

The Constable Cooper Ale

Sun, 2013-12-29 15:09 -- bob
The Constable Cooper Ale

I THINK the hardest thing the people at James Squire have to do is come up with appropriate names for their new brews.

The latest to join the impressive range is The Constable Copper Ale , which as the name suggests, has a rich, clean gold copper appearance with a solid tight white head and in true English style isn't overly gassy.

What is also has is a delicious aroma, slightly floral with citrus notes but it also combines some distinct hop and malt qualities as well.

Old Time Premium Lager

Sun, 2013-12-22 07:44 -- bob
Old Time Premium Lager

AFTER being bombarded with plenty of summer-style/cerveza beers, it’s time to go in search of something with body and a bit of flavor.

These days, it’s not hard to do – the challenge comes in being brave enough to commit to something you haven’t tried before . Steering clear of the blondes, the infused beers, cervezas and low carb specials, I opted for Old Time Premium Lager.

This drop, brewed in Victoria, is a pleasant change from the run- of- the- mill beers and when you first open it, you can smell the difference.

Prickly Moses Red Ale

Tue, 2013-11-26 08:08 -- bob
Prickly Moses Red Ale

I HAVE to confess that I have a soft spot for "coloured" beers.

I don’t mean green beer on St Pat’s Day or party beers with vege die in them, I’m talking about dark, black and red beers.

Therefore when I spied Prickly Moses Red Ale, I had to try it.

As the name suggests, it is red in colour but not blood red.

Brewed by Otway Estate in Victoria, this comes from yet another winery which has turned to brewing on the side and doing a bloody good job of it as well.

Kwencher Pale Ale

Fri, 2013-10-25 07:37 -- bob
Kwencher Pale Ale

WHEN it comes to unusual beers, there's few that can pass Geelong brewery, Kwencher's Clingstone Peach and Dark Tea fusion beer so to find that they also have a pale ale was a little bit of a let down.

While it might be a more 'conventional' drop, there's nothing ho hum about it – in fact the pale is one of the best going and has claimed plenty of awards to prove it.


Mon, 2013-10-07 08:06 -- bob

THE weather's warming and so too is it time to switch from those heavier cooler month beers to the thirst-quenching ales on the market.

There seems to be a big push towards cerveza-style beers, given the success of Corona.

Now I'm not a huge fan of the world's most famous Mexican beer but I am a fan of cerveza and there are plenty to choose from.

The latest vying for our hard-earned beer dollars is Aguila from Columbia. It has your typical Mex-type beer appearance, light golden colour, clear with a tight white head and a mild hop nose.


Sat, 2013-08-03 20:55 -- bob
Monterrey cerveza

WHEN it comes to cerveza - Mexican-style beer - I can either take it or leave it.

While a lot of people swear by Corona, I also know a lot of people who swear at Corona for losing its authenticity.

There are many other cervezas in the marketplace that are imported and have a better taste and a few which you should just steer clear of.

However, being a beer columnist, it is my duty to inform the beer drinking public of what is available and one to attract my attention is Monterrey.

Hahn Premium Lager

Wed, 2013-07-24 11:57 -- bob
Hahn Premium Lager

A LAGER by any other name may be a lager, unless it is a pilsner.


Well the good folk at Hahn have revisited their Hahn Premium lager and decided the time was right for we 'grown-up' beer drinkers to finally come to terms with a decent lager-cum-pilsner.

With some minor tinkering, master brewer Chuck Hahn and his boys have come up with an improved Hahn Premium, which unashamedly calls itself a pilsner.

It isn't quite in the same vein as a Czech pilsner, and has a much more distinct hop character to it.

Welsh Celt Dark-Age Ale

Tue, 2013-07-09 12:09 -- bob

ONE of the pleasure of beer drinking is travelling the world through a glass.

No I haven't lost my mind but the fact is you can sample beers from anywhere and try and picture how they came into being.

I have always harboured a soft spot for dark beers and in colder months, they tend to come into their own so when I came across the Welsh Celt Dark-Age, I was more than happy to indulge.

It's an interesting drop, far from being a heavy dark beer, it has the body of an ale.

Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout

Thu, 2013-07-04 20:21 -- bob

IN THE cooler months, we often talk about "comfort foods" but I prefer to talk about "comfort drinks" - namely of the beer variety.

Yes, once the temp drops enough to don the ugg boots and stoke up the fire, it's time to start looking at the darker heavier beers and one to consider is Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout.

Brewed in Yorkshire, this little bottle of deliciousness is enticing on many senses and delivers on so many levels.

For a start, its has a rich dark colour (not jet black) with a coffee-coloured head which doesn't hang around for long.


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